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  • Beaubelle

    2 Phases Make-Up Remover


    A unique two-phase lotion that combines oil and water to effectively remove make-up as well as waterproof mascara. It gives a natural ph balance and gentle on sensitive skin too as it is a non-tearing formula.

  • Beaubelle

    24 Hours Hydro Matte Gel


    Unique fresh gel with innovative formula gives an instant and long lasting high hydration level.

  • Beaubelle

    6 Action Concentrate

    • Providing 6 main actions for what a healthy skin needs:
    • Anti-free radicals – slowing down the aging process.
    • Moisturizes the skin – to make the skin look supple.
    • Nourishes the skin – to vitalize the skin cells.
    • Brightens the skin – to even out skin tone making the complexion look clear and healthy.
    • Decongest the skin – to eliminate toxins from the skin, looking fresh with clear complexion.
    • Firming the skin – ironing out wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Meticulously formulated taking into account all skin-aging factors, to either treat or prevent pre-mature aging. Easy, convenient and effective to use, all in a bottle!


  • Acne Starter Kit

    Acne Starter Kit


    Be prepared, always. Achieve clearer, fresher and healthiest-looking skin in B&B Labs’ complete Acne Starter Kit. Life without acne is a real thing. Start here.

  • Beaubelle

    Amazing Luminance – Holistic Oxygenating Cellular Cream


    An ultra skin-enrichment cream with rare red algae and refined lyophilized diamond, amazing luminance imparts an incandescence and alluring glow to your skin. Infused with the highest percentage of oxygenation enhancing phylderm vegetal c among our range of skin care products, skin’s oxygen uptake is maximized. Enriched with vitamins and plant-derived antioxidants, this cocktail stimulates skin’s reparative healing ability to fight and undo signs of time. Lines and wrinkles visibly diminish, youthful contours are restored and firmness and elasticity renewed. Astringents, emollients and potent antioxidants are carefully blended with balancing, toning, relaxing, refreshing, hydrating and brightening botanical extracts for a face that shimmers with radiance of youth. Jump-start a healthy glow and energize skin with new, visible life.

  • Beaubelle

    Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel


    High-tech pearlized instant rescue eye gel.  Helps correct early aging signs like puffiness, sallow skin, dark circles and shadows brought on by stress, lack of sleep and intensified by environmental exposure.

  • B&B Labs

    Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser


    We don’t just cleanse.  We refine.  Made from natural coconut oil and beetroot betaine (a by-product of sugar beet processing), this nutrient-rich mask-cleanser goes a step further than regular cleansing. The coconut oil provides natural hydration while the activated charcoal powder draws out impurities when used as a deep cleansing mask. With aloe Vera juice as a natural moisturizer and Vitamin B3 to lighten and brighten the skin tone, regular use of this hybrid mask-cleanser gives you a visibly clearer, radiant and refined complexion.

  • Beaubelle

    Bio-Cellular 24 Hrs Beauty (Day/Night Care)


    This product works round the clock to replenish the collagen and elastin fibers and also helps to build-up the protection barrier preventing trans-epidermal water loss resulting in fine lines symptoms, thus preventing pre-mature aging of the skin.  It is made using a unique technology to encapsulate the actives into tiny spheres to ensure freshness of the active ingredients.

  • B&B Labs

    Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum


    Your go-to serum to ward off those acne demons. A high-performance serum derived from a powerful concoction of black tea extract, tea tree oil, licorice root extract, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, the Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum effectively halts acne formation in its tracks. Besides regulating sebum production, soothing and inhibiting inflammation, the serum also suppresses bacterial growth while boosting hydration levels for beautifully smooth and supple skin.

  • Beaubelle

    Clarity – Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator


    Beaubelle’s unique 2-in-1 mild, cleansing exfoliator is designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. The triple action formula smoothens, conditions and brightens skin, while botanical essences soothe and lift the spirit.

  • Beaubelle

    Clear Skin Essence


    This concentrate is designed to address the three causes of acne formation. Clear Skin Essence is effective at regulating oil glands, clearing skin pore blockages and fighting bacteria so the skin will be cleared and complexion vitalized.

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