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Indiba Deep Beauty

Promo Price $88 U.P. $488

Our signature ProionicTM Facial treatment uses a unique patented technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production for instant and long term aging effects.

Our ProionicTM technology and treatments will help lift and tighten skin in just 45 minutes, without the use of any needles or surgery or any downtime.

Dramatic results and significant reduction in 30minutes after 1 session and Sign up now to secure your slot now !

CoolSculpt / Fat Freezing Treatment

First Timer Promo@$48 for 1 session U.P. $388
First time promo package@$388 for 6 session $2388

Achieve that dream body shape with our fat freezing treatment. With no need for any needles or invasive surgery. You will see instant results from one treatment! Using the latest technology and therapies we have prepared for you. You will be amazed with what we can achieve together at W.O.W!

Aqua Boost Hair Scalp Solution

First Timer Promo@$68 for 1 session U.P. $388

Put strength and vitality back in your hair with our Hair scalp therapy. You will understand your scalp condition with a session of hair scalp analaysis with a hair scope. Hair condition will be treated with a series solutions through customized treatment for scalp detox and hair treatment for 60minutes. And see immediate improvements to your hair and scalp within days

TCM Body Sculpt / Slimming Therapy

First Timer Promo@$48 for 1 session U.P. $388

Slimming through the ways of the TCM can be achieved through a series of customized treatments to ensure you achieve your goals in a painless and non-invasive solution. Our specialized TCM practitioners will analyse and understand your body with pulse analysis and would work with you on using the best TCM approach to help you achieve your weight-loss goals with therapies like Acupuncture/Cupping / Gua Sha / Body Detox Massages.

TCM Radiance Skin Therapy

First Timer Promo@$38 for 1 session U.P. $388

Our Signature TCM Skin Radiance therapy would allow you to understand your body with our pulse analysis with our TCM practitioner, and a customized prescription herbal solution for the face mask. Which also includes a session of acupuncture or gua sha to improve blood circulation and radiance to skin.

Benefits of our Signature TCM Facial treatment:

  • Strengthen and tone up skin
  • Reduces skin impurities & acne in it’s active phase
  • Locking in hydration into the skin.
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