White Brightening Moisture Cream


Skin pigmentary abnormalities are aesthetically unfavorable amongst the majority of women. One of the culprits for these pigmentary abnormalities is reactive oxygen species (ROS) i.e. free radicals. Ultraviolet radiation influences the proliferation of melanocytes and the production and secretion of paracrine and autocrine factors that stimulate melanogenesis. The UV radiation can also produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the skin that may induce melanogenesis, cell damage by chipping away cell walls, eventually, cause the death of that cell. The number of antioxidants in the skin can be depleted by UV exposure and cause oxidative damage. White Brightening Moisture Cream contains antioxidants of high potency to scavenge ROS generated in the skin, synergized by beneficial herbal extracts that prevent lipid peroxidation that affects the skin barrier functions. To manage the pigmentary disorder, hydration of the skin is essential. White Brightening Moisture Cream is formulated targetting at managing all these melanogenesis disorder factors. Ideal for pigmentation skin, uneven skin tone and dull skin tone.

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