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    Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum


    Your go-to serum to ward off those acne demons. A high-performance serum derived from a powerful concoction of black tea extract, tea tree oil, licorice root extract, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, the Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum effectively halts acne formation in its tracks. Besides regulating sebum production, soothing and inhibiting inflammation, the serum also suppresses bacterial growth while boosting hydration levels for beautifully smooth and supple skin.

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    Lingzhi Skin Repair Serum


    Repair and rejuvenate no-glow skin with this silky, dry oil serum that improves skin immunity and restores skin vitality. Skin-healing Lingzhi (ganoderma lucidum mushroom) extract suppresses melanin activation with whitening tri-peptides while fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) regulates cell production in response to skin trauma and tissue damage. Watch skin rebound as scars and keloids miraculously heal thanks to rhEGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which stimulates the growth of new cells to repair the epidermis, retard aging, lighten pigmentation, eliminate wrinkles, and moisten skin.

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    Mangosteen Brightening Detox Serum


    Brighten and lighten skin tone with this lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that leaves skin looking translucent and luminous. Mangosteen extract fortified with vitamin C form a power-packed pair to prevent inflammation, promote collagen synthesis, nullify cell damage caused by UV radiation, suppress melanin synthesis, and lighten existing melanin on the skin.

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    Multi Peptide Regenerating Lift Bio Serum


    Give sagging skin a lift with this gel-like, supercharged youth serum that boosts collagen and elastin production to help defy the pull of gravity. A solution of multi-peptides play multiple roles: repairing, renewing, regenerating, lifting, and visibly improving lines and wrinkles to reveal a more youthful appearance.

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    Skin Radiance Elixir Serum


    Combat dryness and dehydration with an oil emulsion that instantly melts upon application to reduce redness and inflammation. Five amazing vegetable oils and 7 natural extracts protect skin from environmental irritation, prevent bacterial infections, and speed up wound healing. Skin’s youthfulness and radiance is restored with Sodium Hyaluronate’s excellent emollient properties and Hydrolyzed Collagen’s collagen boosting benefits.

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