Facial Treatments

Facials are the best anti-aging treatment around. Treating yourself to a facial every so often will decrease your chances of having to dish out money for expensive procedures and injections. Facials improve the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity by counteracting the damaging effects of air pollution and sun exposure.

Bread & Butter

Peace Connect – Aroma Therapeutic Facial
With a customised treatment according to the skin’s need and giving the skin the energy of flowers for renewal of cells.

Aquaplene – Hydrating derm Facial
Ultra-soothing and normalising. Developed exclusively for the sensitive skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Skin Booster – Essential Signatures
100% Water Soluble natural essence which supplies the skin with the needs of vitamins and supplements.

Glam Shine – Diamond Derm
Helps to remove the dead skin cells (stratum corneum) of the aging skin and at the same time deep cleansing the skin which improves skin problems. Promotes circulation by lymphatic drainage thus allow the skin to absorb nutrients more easily.

BlingBling – Skin Fitness
Great choice for people seeking to de-congest the skin and to avoid looking swollen with uneven skin tone. Skin is treated to a purifying process with “Clarity” and helps the skin to breathe again as it will eliminate impurities and refine the skin texture with a shine.

Targeted Treatment

Glowing Oceans – Intense Radiance
Extend the long lasting effect of the treatment with our hydration line. The active ingredients not only lock in the hydration from the atmosphere, they also stimulate the natural reproduction of intercellular water from within the skin.

Ocean Lovers – Collagen Intensive
Using marine collagen to nourish and moisturise the skin and to prevent signs of premature aging skin. Aiding in
reduction of fine lines and wrinkles which results in a smooth supple and radiant skin.

Luminous Glow – LED Therapy
Skin rejuvenation is one of it�s kind, brought to you by the blessings of Light! Immediate effects of the Luminous treatment is suitable for face and body to treat acne, uneven pigmentation,redness and photo-aging.

WickedlyGood Goldlux – 24K Elixir
Uncover the mystery of youth from Egypt in the 14th century. Pure Gold Skin Treatment, coveted by the most
beautiful woman in ancient Egypt – Queen Cleopatra.Renowned for it’s rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties, 24K gold is used in this exceptional skin treatment to achieve radiance and elasticity.

Bubbling Sense – AquaDerma
Latest and natural, non-aggressive, non-invasive, aseptic, precise method that is both secure and reliable. It constitutes a natural alternative to chemical peeling and acts by way of gentle and controllable exfoliation of the horny layer via the projection of H20.

Manhattan Glow – Man
Men’s skin deserves more than just a morning shave routine. Not only does it exposes the skin to the increasing number of environmental

stresses, it is also subjected to the additional challenges often associated with shaving which includes razor burn, irritations and dry skin.

Our men’s treatment is specially designed to soothe and protect while reducing the effects of shaving, and to promote smooth and conditioned skin.

ReGenOxy – OxyLife Rejuvenation
A rich 98% concentrate of oxygen extracted from the atmosphere. This flow is then compressed to perform a wide variety of unique treatment which utilises the OxyLife Plus Delivery system in the purest form, including Infusion, Spray & Aromatherapy.

WondersLast – Aroma Chromatherapy
Using Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, and Oxygen Therapy to treat the skin. Combined with prepared specially with different vitamins and skin cream to cater for different skin types. Nutrition will be absorbed and supplied which in turn results with active cells.

Forever Young – 448hz Cell Renewal
Advantage of the inherently higher heat wave impedance of fat in relative to water to achieve a face lifting and shaping effect. The heat is generated on the subcutaneous fat would be transfer

back to the surface on the collagen level of the skin, which then triggers regeneration.

Aesthetics Treatment

SmartTech Rainbow
Colourful light to give the skin new vitality and solve a variety of skin problems. SmartTech ensures precise and consistent targeted energy throughout each pulse.

Full aesthetics skin conditioning based on Cryoelectrophoresis, combination therapy that is potentially usable coupled with medium frequency therapy and hot/cold electric simulation. Alternating cooling and heating stimulus to the skin stimulating and preserves cells well.

NanoFractional Tip
Clinical proven to resurface the skin, which improves the appearance of acne scars, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarges pores and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

Bio-Active LiveCell
Using one of the world’s most powerful agent for epidemic tissue regeneration and repairing. The Hydrocotyl (CENTELLA ASIATICA) extract concentrate is able to stimulate strong collagen synthesis and strengthen veins to achieve youthful and supple skin after 1 treatment!

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