The Story Behind

Two Women with One Vision wants to be disruptors in the wellness beauty business! We came together believing we can redefine the Wellness industry through technology and excellent customer service experience.

The vision of Oneness within a persons spirit, soul and body is important for one’s wellbeing.

We hope to help you achieve such Oneness through our services, products and treatments with true Wonders experienced by you.

Wellness. Oneness. Wonders!

W.O.W! It’s all about You!

The Brand Concept

Rare Orange Roses are known as Tropicana! It is also called the Super Star

This rose color means both love and friendships and indicates the intensity of emotions. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion and warmth! Thus when you are in W.O.W!, your experience will be stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant!

We bring in enthusiasm and send a message of friendships, love, thankfulness, appreciation, or congratulation.

The main meanings of Orange roses corresponds to our mission:

Support and Understanding

We are here for you no matter the situation and will support you through your wellness journey. W.O.W! offers you our care and attention.


We want to bring happiness into your life!

Good mood

Orange roses are optimistic by their appearance so we will like to transfer it to you!



Orange roses are bright and a bit fiery, and it also symbolises passion. The passion for doing something you like and enjoying it. That is the reason why W.O.W! is birthed! Be bold to splash your life with colours and fun!


Giving Orange roses is a great way to thank someone for something and showing gratitude. Some people are always there for us and would do anything to be by our side.

A thankful attitude in life is what we strive to nurture to appreciate your support. The colour orange is burning itself and it has a flame within. Our combination of Orange and Red within our logo is that FLAME! We want to trigger an inflow of positive energy and give you motivation.

We carry symbolism enthusiasm and unlimited, endless energy. Our strong hue will burn up the fire and energy in you

or in a receiver of Orange roses. We welcome you to begin a new journey in wellness with us! We will celebrate with you a new beginning and positive changes that lead to even better things.

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